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In progressed Mars trine progressed Jupiter will continue to support this massive road and rail building project. Progressed Sun trine progressed Pluto stimulates cooperative effort but cooperation usually means China applying coercive force on other countries. Discordant aspects to house 8 could see countries default on their loan repayments.

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China lies in wait ready to pounce. Predatory lending. Its only rival is India — no one even comes close to Beijing in regard to its wealth or influence. China watchers claim that these loans have been given away on terms that are making it likely that the borrowers will default Saturn. This ensures that China has control over land house 4 and sea resources house 9 in the subcontinent that it can use to build strategic military bases Mars and further enhance its economic competencies. Progressed Sun — the ruler of house 8 loans to other countries — trine progressed Pluto — in house 7 other countries — and progressed discord to house 8 could see this scenario become a reality.

And progressed Venus — the ruler of houses 4 and 9 — sesquisquare progressed Saturn in house 7 could see other countries cause China loss. Saturn is the planet of fear so China could become fearful of other world powers or smaller nations could become frightened of China. With houses 7 and 8 dominating its chart China is utterly dependent on foreign money and foreign markets for its prosperity. Domestic consumption houses 1 and 2 will always remain poor. It plays a dangerous Mars game where losers are just collateral damage in a contest that it must win.

And so does progressed Sun — in house 10 — trine progressed Pluto — the cusp ruler of house 9 in house 7. Pluto indicates that China will play it tough and is ready to apply heavy pressure. China has a terrible pollution problem and large numbers of Chinese people die each year from pollution related causes. So China wants to reduce pollution and its reliance on foreign oil Neptune. Progressed Mars parallel birth chart Neptune — planet of pollution in house 8 death — is the marker for the high number of deaths due to pollution since December ; and with progressed ascendant sesquisquare birth chart Neptune in this could be a particularly bad year for pollution related deaths.

So, some provinces want to pay cash bonuses Jupiter to parents who have a second child, and others have suggested eliminating limits on childbirth altogether. The National Health Commission has reportedly asked researchers to study whether tax breaks house 8 could help spark a baby boom house 5. An aging population spells reduced income tax revenue house 8 , reduced spending, reduced consumption and reduced jobs growth.

December 11 Zodiac is Sagittarius - Full Horoscope Personality

It spells economic stagnation. One solution is robotics to do work. Robots could save the Chinese economy from stagnating.

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In October China legalized internment camps house 12 believed to be holding hundreds of thousands of Uighur Muslims Jupiter. With the help of your versatile genius you can get your success i n almost every ways of your life, provided you were sufficiently interested to make the effort. You also have the strong power of reasoning. You like to analysis and conclude e everything critically. You have an unusual keenness, originality of mind.

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As you have to face some difficulties in your life, you become more and more conscious and alert regarding the every step in the journey of your life. You may make yourself most wonderful hosts and hostesses. You have great taste for food and in the management of your house you may make much out of little.

You may be highly attracted and influenced by your opposite gender and yet strangely be independent of them. There is a possibility that you may get involved into many love affairs. You may be rather changeable in your affection. It is also possible that you may marry early. But any marriage in your early life may not be likely to last very long. So it may be a cause of your disappointment and interfere with your career.

It is also probable that you may marry more than once.

Exceptionally fine brains are the key note of person born under this combination. The persons who are born on the months of November and later middle part February, may not be able to make a good friendship with you. But the persons, who are born months of January, may be the very good friends to you. But the most important thing is that you may not able to set a proper understanding state with your parents. They never make you understand and your feelings also. So, never expect that. But you may get some good friends at your college life.

Chinese Zodiac Sign Calculator

Even some of your neighbours may be supportive to you. They always try to help you out from any kind of problems critical situations.

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You are seldom robust and strong although you often have large frames. There is a possibility that you may suffer from cold during your child-hood. It is also possible that you suffer from heart problems during the latter part of your life. So be careful regarding that. You have to take the proper nutritious and balanced food at a regular basis.

It may provide you a food and sound health. You also need a proper exercise on a regular basis to keep your health profound. You are liable to have lung trouble and delicacy of the bronchial tubes. So take utmost care of yourself. There is an also possibility that you may get into problems for your throat and rheumatism in the joints. Green is the favourable for those who are working at the different parts of Multinational Companies, white is the favourable colour for those who are working at the Private Sectors. You are advised to wear the dresses, coloured by white at your important dates.

All delicate shades of mauve are favourable for those who are involved with any administrative Sectors. Those, who are working in the Government field, must use the dresses related to the colour of cream.

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